Castaways MC of Milwaukee Membership

The Full Membership is usually sought by people living in the Milwaukee Metro Area
As a member, you are committing yourself to attending our monthly meetings, our monthly Club Events, Pridefest weekend, and our annual Run weekend in July
We believe in having FUN. Even when we're working a Club Event or
It's all about HAVING FUN

.new recruits are asked to fulfill a six month probationary perIOD

Before you have to make a decision, we want you to see whAt
We're All About and we want to see if you're really happy with what the Castaways have to offer

After your probationary period, Pledgeship, you are voted in and eligible to vote once voted into our club

We recommended after a year's commitment, we do extend an invitation for you to run as any of our offices, and you can become the President, or Vice President, Treasurer, etc

We have a Road Captain whose job is to help you fit in, assist you at meetings and events, and for you to be a liaison to the club and the club's expectation

Our meetings are held every month on the last Sunday. If there is a holiday, etc., on the last Sunday, then the meeting is usually moved to the Following Sunday

FULL Membership
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If you are inquiring an interest in becoming a full member of the Castaways MC of Milwaukee, you may fill out the Membership form to request to attend your first meeting or just ask a member to inquire for your first meeting. At your first meeting, you will fill out a Membership Application.